My name is Michael Le

Currently leading UX and design at Kounta

Previously designing at Pivotal Labs, The Telegraph (UK), and Tobias and Tobias.

Code meets design

My coding background helps me understand the technical aspects of a project. It also gives me greater flexibility when prototyping solutions.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo in Computer Engineering and have worked in New York City, London, and now am based in Sydney, Australia.

I have worked with Scrum, XP, design sprint, Lean UX, so the question is what is my process? I documented how I think about approaching design problems by combining the complexity of the problem along with how much is known about the problem: Framing design problems with 3 questions

I write and speak on topics relating to design. Here is a sample collection:

Featured work

Kounta iPad

Unifying brand and product

Integrating the brand into product so that it is a great experience for the customer.

Helping the product team connect with restaurant & hospitality customers and learn how they use our product. Leading the design system efforts along with the engineering team using React for delivering a consistent experience for our customers.

Telegraph Fashion

Design for the masses

Redesigning the Telegraph website

My role as a UX designer is helping with bringing in user research and insights to our designs, wireframing and prototyping. The new responsive web site responsible for delivering content to millions of visitors every day.

I always wanted to work on products that had a positive impact on many people. I am fortunate to be working with a great team and I am extremely proud of the work that we did.

post its

Helping internal and external users

One of the most common queries for online delivery is "Where is my order?"

Ran a workshop and identified opportunities of where the product team could focus on. The moral of this story is to get in front of your customers so you can get better context.

Some extra bits

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